5 Effective Ways To Manifest Long-lasting Love

5 Effective Ways To Manifest Long-lasting Love


You have heard it said that you attract what you believe.

Well, that is the absolute truth! When you desire something, if you begin to believe in it and align your energy towards getting that one thing, pretty soon it manifests in your life.

That is the Law of Attraction.

Finding love is no different as you attract what you believe. You too can find healthy, beneficial and mutually satisfying long-lasting love. And yes, it exists!

Below are five practical ways to draw the love of your life closer to you by improving yourself first, from the inside-out by creating an amazing relationship from the inside-out.

By slightly tweaking your internal processes you can begin to operate in a certain energy that will draw you closer to the one you desire, and likely draw the same person for you as well.


Love Yourself

First of all, why would you expect someone else to fall in love with, when you don’t even love yourself? Remember, you attract what you exude.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, criticizing every fault you make.

Self-criticism makes you send out negative energy that repels even the gentlest of souls away from you; and who knows, a potential soul mate too. 

Self -love, on the other hand, is attractive and draws people near you. You must have observed that people like hanging around positive personalities that are full of life.

Forgive yourself, fast and move on from negative situations or outcomes quickly. Dwell; thrive on the positive experiences and achievements you have made.

Let these accomplishments and passions fuel good feelings that you have toward yourself. Always choose to stay in this space longer as you celebrate yourself.

Self-love is a resource that is in all of us, just waiting to be tapped into. The more you focus on what you love about yourself, the more love you will exude. And most people cannot resist positivity; it sure does feel great to be around people who love themselves.


Be Absolutely Clear About What You Want In A Mate

Don’t keep shifting goal posts. This happens especially when your past relationships don’t pan out the way you had hoped for. However, the lesson that you should take from every "failed" relationship are the healthy attributes you want in your ideal mate.

The problem arises when men/women only focus on the negative side of the “failed” relationship and unfortunately carry it to the next relationship (read: baggage!)

However, if you know what you want, then you know what you want. Your power to create lies in your ability to choose; telling the universe exactly what you desire – I want a spouse who is God fearing, who puts me first, is hard working, has a taste for fine things and so forth.

You can write down five qualities, and have at least three in the list that are deal breakers if not present in a prospective partner.

This may sound so obvious, but unfortunately, many of us don't do this step. Who do you want to be with? How do you want the relationship to feel like? The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of who you're looking for, hence the list!

Goals that are clear are usually easier to accomplish than goals that are vague. You have to know what you want (have a clear mental picture) before you can create it.

Remember; don’t keep shifting goal posts or lowering your expectations just because the potential partners you meet now do not fit into your “list.”

Stay positive, have an open mind, (don’t be too rigid) and eventually someone who fits your criteria will be delivered by the universe straight into your circle.


Remain Consistent In Improving Yourself.

People who accomplish great goals are go getters and fierce about their goals. Once they set their sight on what they want to accomplish, there’s no going back.

They may pause; decide to take a different turn; they may fall; but they get back up and no matter what they keep moving forward once they set their sights on the goal. This attitude is equally important if you want to make changes in relationships, too.

This doesn't mean that you force your way into an awesome and a fulfilling relationship. What it means is, no matter what or the failed relationships, stay positive, and don’t give up; learn from your mistakes and improve yourself.

Read books on healthy relationships, pick gems from people you admire that already have amazing long-lasting relationships; learn a thing or two.


Whatever You Want, Be More Of That

One of the basic principals of manifesting is you have to already feel what you want to create before it arrives. You attract what you exude.

When it comes to romantic love, the purpose of a relationship is not to fill a void of what's missing in your life. This approach will only lead to dependence and definite disappointment in the near future.

The purpose of a relationship is to share your life with another person, to share mutual goals and vision. This happens when you are already satisfied with “you” before your partner arrives.

Be the things you want in your partner – hardworking, caring, selfless, good dresser and so forth. Otherwise, again, why would you demand of someone else certain qualities if you are not those in the first place?

Be the person you want to be before the relationship even exists, so you can set yourself up for a great relationship, and a great life, as well.


Trust The Process, Enjoy The Ride

You are here in this universe to have a great time. Trust me; it is not an exam that should yield results in the next six months! So even if you do not have all the things you desire right this moment, you can still enjoy the positives that are there.

What is important is to enjoy the process and not necessarily go through life ticking boxes. Always have your goals in the back of mind, but take life one day at a time enjoying what the universe offers.