The Power of Taking Action

The Power of Taking Action

Adhering to the Law of Attraction through our thoughts is not enough. Action is required to actually make that achievement that you desire. Setting goals and writing them down is also hardly enough for you to achieve success. You must get up every day and manage your 86,400 seconds wisely to maneuver through personal development.

The power of taking action helps you understand people like Albert Einstein, Jack Ma and Steve Jobs. These individuals had dreams, passions and visions. They dared to do things that most people would be scared of doing and eventually made a difference in the world. What’s more, they failed along the way, but did not give up. 

Over time, even the most sophisticated, memory packed computer can begin to run slow if we don’t do something to prevent it. The reason why has less to do with how.

To understand this power, take an example of a pen. It is useless if it just lies around. But if you take it and use it, it becomes useful. This is the same with us humans. You cannot play safe by getting employed because you are scared of starting your own organization alone and still expect to live your dream of being the CEO of your company. You must take the initiative and be aggressive towards achieving your goal or dream. 

Therefore, taking action is about letting go of the fears, worries, complains and daydreaming and getting in motion by taking the first step. Otherwise, you will continue living a mediocre life, will never live to your full potential and could eventually die with so much talent and ability that could change the world. 

Benefits Of Taking Action

Positive Energy

Taking action is a step towards positive change or progress. The first step, whether it is buying that building for your operations or buying that car that will help you distribute your products, changes your physiology. It gives you positive energy in the form of motivation to do more. 

Removal Of Fear

Everybody has fears that keep them from taking action towards the direction they would want to go. These fears could arise from bad past experiences that left wounds and scares your sub-conscious mind or are basically due to ignorance. 

Regardless of their origin, fears are an enemy that seems real. It is like a mental monster that keeps you from going after your dreams. However, taking action is the only way to remove that fear, since gaining experience depicts a very different image from what you envisioned when you were scared. Additionally, production of results and success through actions overwrites the thoughts or previous encounters of failure. 

How To Take Action

Create Momentum

If you delay when you are supposed to be initiating, you will never create momentum. Also, if you jog when it is time to run, you are creating a lesser momentum that will hardly get you to the finish line. Therefore, it you want results from the appropriate momentum, you must create it. This process will require you to do something different from what you are used to. 

Taking small actions is also powerful, so long as you stay consistent. This can apply in situations where you hardly have much to start what you want to pursue. For example, it is impossible to start an organization and immediately have 1000 employees on the first day. 

According to several current billionaires that own huge multibillion corporations, starting was challenging. Some begun their offices in a garage with about 1 or 2 employees, while others started alone and gathered help along the way. So long as you have a long term thinking, understand intangible compounding power and set believable goals, your small consistent actions will not be in vain.

Positive Mindset

To begin taking action requires you to avoid a negative attitude and adopt positivity. When you have negativity, you tend to take wrong actions that hardly give you any good results. For you to achieve greatness, your actions need to come from the heart. 

Persistence And Determination

Taking actions towards your goals is not a guarantee that your path will not be bumpy. Challenges must occur and you must find a way to overcome them. The very first step to overcoming problems is being determined and persistent. With these two, you will never imagine quitting your course and will work extra hard to deal with difficulties. 

Therefore, despite the failed actions, persistence and determination enable you to learn from your mistakes and become wiser while approaching the future. You tend to acquire confidence along the way, especially when facing problems that you have encountered in the past. 

In conclusion, the power of taking action inside you determines how far you can go in life. You can decide to sit on your singing talent because of stage fright, or you can just breathe and blow away the audience with your voice and make a successful singing career. The power of taking action starts with you creating momentum, thinking positively and having persistence and determination to push through.