Tips On How To Overcome Your Money Blocks

Tips On How To Overcome Your Money Blocks

Are you stuck in a financial rut? Or maybe even stuck in the same old cycle of constant money depletion and loss? Such moments in our lives can be completely frustrating, especially because they can be difficult to understand.

This is what most people term as a money block. A money block is something that is unconsciously rooted in our subconscious minds due to past experiences. They can be experiences that we had with our parents, teachers and even friends. 

 It often manifests itself in our lives, impacting the abundance of money that we receive. Why so? Because our way of thinking and our belief system has also been impacted unknowingly. In other words, the only reason you're failing to manifest abundance is you. You are your own obstacle. 

If you're looking to overcome your money blocks, you've come to the right place. Below are a few tips on how you can deal and completely dismiss your money blocks for good. Let us take a look.

Try and surround yourself with positive people as well. This way, you can also change your way of thinking as well.  

Practice Self- Affirmation

As previously mentioned, how we grew up can really impact our beliefs as adults. Some of us, due to our upbringing, tend to think that we do not deserve to have the money or be rich. There is nothing wrong with having money, it's how you use it that matters.

Practice self- affirmation on a daily basis. You can do this by speaking them out loud, or by simply journaling positive affirmations in your journal.

Re-Frame Your Environment

Your surrounding environment can really impact how you think. By environment, I am referring to your living space or where you work. If it's cluttered, unorganized and messy, then your thoughts will be too.

De-clutter your environment and throw away the things that you do not need. Then organize everything accordingly. The atmosphere will literally change and in turn, impact you positively. A more organized environment helps to feel more relaxed. 

Practice Daily Meditation

Meditation is key to success and you've probably heard that a million times. It is not only because it helps you relax, but it helps you clear your mind. This way, it is easier to tune into what the universe is trying to tell you.

Raise Your Expectations

The philosophy based on the Law of Attraction is as real as you and me. You attract what you think and let into your mind. If you dwell on the negative, you will receive the negative. However, if you think positively, you will receive positive things. 

The lower your expectations, the less you are able to harness the energy that is meant to draw you in abundance. Do not be afraid to raise your expectations and think positively. Shift your perception and always dwell on the positive. Remember, what you think is what you attract.


Trample Your Fear Of Success

Fear has an incredible ability to cripple us from achieving anything in life. Sure, a little bit of fear is good. However, it's not good when we let it consume our lives to the point of crippling us.

There are people that fear failure, while others tend to fear success. This type of fear holds you back from trying to achieve your goals in life. As a result, you end up doing the bare minimum, which is usually just enough to get by on a daily basis.

Specify Your Goals

This is a major money block. Just like you'd normally write down a to-do list for your daily tasks, is the same way you should operate when dealing with the Law of Attraction. Push your mind to set clear money goals that are very specific. 

Be Willing To Receive

One of the main reasons that we fail to receive abundance, is because we fail to receive it. Not only do our ingrained beliefs and perceptions get in the way, but our willingness to receive it as well. Do not downplay your worth and stop turning down whatever the universe is trying to give you.

You deserve to receive abundance, so receive it. Ask the universe for the help that you need, and stay in tune with the universe at the same time. It all starts by shifting your mindset and viewing yourself in a positive way.


Unblock Your Chi

We need to change our energy flow if we are going to unblock our money blocks effectively. Chi is another term that is often used to define energy flow or describe the flow of energy in our bodies and in the universe. When our energy flow does not balance with one of the universes, we get affected. 

There are numerous ways of unblocking your chi. You can try Chakra balancing, Reiki, white light healing or even hypnosis. Please do your research first before determining the best type of treatment. Also, if you are suffering from a health condition or are currently under medication, seek medical advice first.

The above treatments should also be carried out by certified individuals. Always do your research before visiting one. Or better yet, ask around for recommendations. 

In conclusion, money blocks have the ability to block us from abundance. Such blocks are deeply rooted in our subconscious beliefs and perceptions. Work towards positive thinking through constant meditation and self- affirmation. Clear out your environment to make it easier to think and focus on the things that matter. 

Try and surround yourself with positive people as well. This way, you can also change your way of thinking as well.