How Self Discipline and Success Relate

How Self Discipline and Success Relate

Self-discipline is one quality skill that once fully adopted; it will guarantee you happiness and greater accomplishments in life. It is possible to achieve what you are truly capable of if this practice is developed to the highest degree.

How success and goals go hand in hand. Try thinking of an entrepreneur, athlete or anyone who had to sacrifice his sleep to attend that important meeting, or that 4 am workout session even though they did not feel like it, then that's what you have to do. That's why success and self-discipline go hand in hand.

Self-discipline is the ability to do the things you are supposed to do even if you don't feel like.

So how do you maintain self-discipline or rather a discipline? Self-discipline is the ability to do the things you are supposed to do even if you don't feel like. Perseverance is effective by combining a strict brain program based on your goals and incredible commitment towards the achievement of the goal.  In the world of today, it has become extremely hard to maintain self-discipline because instant gratification is valued. We seek immediate pleasures like how badly and soon we need that new car, or a partner or even an exotic trip which results our long-term goals are forgotten. The downside of it all is that we lose the meaning of life, our happiness and eventually success if we let the society dictate our destiny. 

Self-discipline is the difference between being in control of your future and letting society dictate your destiny. Freedom and happiness or otherwise discipline gives you the ability to unlock your positive mental energy and greatly contribute to sufficient confidence in that you can achieve any dream you focus on. Self-discipline teaches you how to control your thoughts. It teaches you how to be positive at all times. Knowledge on how to trigger positive moods results to positive visions. You will grow as a human being in terms of physical and mental strength and a bonus boost of self-confidence. When we grow in these areas, we are capable of enjoying life in a more meaningful way. 

Self-discipline is not limited to individuals; all you need is proper training on how to achieve it. Here is how to go about it.

  • Set gigantic goals

By setting realistic and big goals, you challenge yourself in realizing them. The more you dedicate yourself by investing time and effort in achieving them, the harder it becomes to abandon the goal. It will be hard to quit on the goals when you realize it will be for nothing if you discontinue the process of growing the craft.

  • Set realistic goals

The setting of clear goals is fundamental to learning the self-discipline craft. Otherwise, setting unrealistic goals can hinder the process of becoming successful. You need to clearly define what your goals are and how you will realize them. When clean and realistic goals are set, planning becomes easy resulting in the successful accomplishment of your goals.  

  • Know that every day counts

When you wake in the morning, do you know your priorities in what needs to be accomplished that day? The possibility of success will depend on the accomplishment of the prioritized goals that you set.



  • Plan a routine

Create a plan that becomes second nature. Knowing when to do which task, at what time and how many times is the self-discipline needed for a successful goal achievement. Sticking to the routine is what makes it possible too. 

  • Maintain consistent schedules

If you want to become successful, you have to keep doing the activities that will ring closer to realizing your dreams. For example, athletes adhere to the routine workout session. They follow the routine to the latter as they are aware of the consequences of missing out on even a single workout session which in turn invalidates their dreams of winning. 

  • Strong mindset 

Building a strong mindset can get you closer to achieving your dreams. You have to push yourself to the limits. By pressuring yourself to achieve more often leads to good stress. When operating under good stress and manageable adrenalin is enough to push you greater heights in dream realization.

  • Commitment 

Success is realized when you commit yourself to achieve it. Before you set your mind on which goal to be achieved, make sure it is what you want to spend time doing. It is advisable to consider your goal choice before embarking on it because it should be something you are committed to in a long time. Lack of commitment to the goal can contribute to wasting time on unrelated activities to the chosen goal. 



  • The full realization of the transformation process

As we all know that change is always difficult. And when some new routines are incorporated into our lives, our bodies also react to those changes. It will do everything it can to resist the change. When you realize that it is just a process and you have the power to control your body through your thoughts, change can be effected successfully. 

  • Rise above your feelings.

The most strenuous part of self-discipline is maintaining the consistency of the activities needed to achieve your dream or state of happiness. It requires hard work and the ability to ward off feelings like fatigue, self-pity or laziness. You should rise above them in order to press on to higher success levels.

  • Resist the brain.

Sometimes laziness can be overwhelming. It is as a result of the brain-saving energy for you as any movement requires energy. So the brain does everything it can to stop you from making any movements by sending signals on how you are tired or the task is unachievable. You can, however, trick your brain into commanding the body to accomplish tasks.

Success is a source of power engine of self-discipline. It equips us with knowledge and understanding that we are capable of exploring how we can lead a deeper and more meaning full life. Without self discipline success cannot prosper. Self- discipline is part and parcel of dream realization and a successful healthy life.