Procrastination and Time Management

Procrastination and Time Management

Obeying the Law of Attraction is quite a good approach towards achieving personal development. You acknowledge that your thoughts, focus and attention determine how you live your life since you tend to produce certain energy towards the universe.

Positive energy means you are creating a positive future, and with the right actions, you can eventually get to where you wish to be.

As you set your goals and plan how to execute your actions in order to be successful, you realize that time is quite an important factor. Every day you have 24 hours, which are equivalent to 86,400 seconds, at your disposal. The way you choose to use them highly determines your growth. Time management is among the major factors that differentiate successful people from others. 

Time management is among the major factors that differentiate successful people from others.


Despite having dreams, setting goals and having persistence and determination, you may still fail to achieve success due to the lack of proper time management, which further causes procrastination. Therefore, for you utilize the 24 hours in a day and achieve your goals, you need to understand the relationship between procrastination and time management.  


Every time you postpone carrying out a challenging task and instead choose to do a fun and easier task, you are procrastinating. Therefore, procrastination is distracting oneself from accomplishing something that requires a lot of activities, with an activity that is less stressful. It is important to note that procrastinating is not being lazy since you are still active. 

Procrastination is a product of poor time management and could be addictive if not addressed. What’s more, it has consequences such as shame, guilt and job loss in extreme cases. It reduces productivity due to wastage of time, derailing you from achieving your goals and targets. The shame and discouragement that results from lack of accomplishment demotivates you more and more each day.

Procrastination Dangers

As mentioned above, postponing carrying out important tasks in favor of others is not beneficial to you. Instead, it causes issues that can deeply affect you. Some of the dangers of procrastination are such as fatigue, anxiety, damaged relationships, low self-esteem and career setbacks. 

As you rush to keep up with time limits and deadlines, you tend to deprive yourself sleep to get more time. As a result, you become mentally and physically exhausted, further leading to fatigue. In the process, you risk acquiring anxiety due to the stress caused when rushing against time. 

In unfortunate cases, you may miss the deadlines and also appointments. This is unhealthy and harmful to both your professional and personal relationships. Due to damaged relationships, you may end up having low self-esteem since you may feel worthless. Additionally, damaging your professional relations could hinder or derail your career progress.





Beating Procrastination

Despite that procrastination is a trap, the following means can help you beat the habit. 

  1. Utilize Your Power Hour

The power hour entails being very productive by working with intense focus. By utilizing this time, you are able to carry out your challenging and most important duties.

  1. Challenging Tasks First

The challenging activities should come first in your daily routines. Their completion improves your mood throughout the day and motivates you be more productive. 

  1. Specify Your Goals

By making your goals or tasks specific, your make them precise and seem appealing. Additionally, setting deadlines gives you the motivation to work on them first.

  1. Reward Yourself

Letting your brain know about a reward after being attentive and focused makes you motivated to finish your tasks as early as possible. Furthermore, celebrating small victories due to completion of tasks is good for mental health. 

Time Management

The majority of the highest achievers, who are also successful people, are known to manage their time appropriately and wisely. Time management involves planning and organizing time in the best way possible to cater for all activities of a day. 

Benefits Of Proper Time Management

The benefits of time management indicate that achieving goals, reaching targets and beating deadlines make life easier. Time management increases your efficiency and improves productivity since you are able to work in a time limit that allows concentration without worries. Achieving great things with efficiency and productivity puts you in a better position to build a better reputation, professionally.  

Time management hardly involves stress and instead increases the opportunities for personal improvement. As you set adequate time for your goals, you also tend to cultivate greater opportunities to accomplish your career and life goals. 

Consequences Of Time Mismanagement 

Contrary to time management, mismanagement has consequences. They include inefficient work flow, and missed deadlines, which could contribute to poor work quality. As a result, you may have a stalled career due to issues like poor professional reputation. This kind of life not only makes you unreliable but also results into higher stress levels. 

Time Management Tips

  1. Make A List 

Before going to sleep, it is crucial to make a list of everything that you must or have to do the next day. This list should begin with your priorities or the most challenging tasks.

  1. Schedule Your Time

After identifying what needs to be done, schedule your time to fill all the activities. Remember to consider the deadlines if there are any. 

  1. Be Realistic 

It is important to acknowledge that being realistic saves you a lot of stress. You cannot assign so little time to an activity that requires ample time, and still expect to give good results.



  1. Avoid Distractions

Many times you will plan your time, but fail to stick to the plan due to distractions. You must identify distractions as soon as they arise because they will ruin the rest of your schedule, and avoid them at all cost. 

In conclusion, procrastination initially takes place due to lack of proper time management. So whenever you plan your time by effectively scheduling your day, you are more likely to avoid procrastination. More importantly, remember personal development every day as you conduct time management. Adhering to the Law of attraction requires you to remember what you want to achieve and motivate yourself to stick to your time plan.